Our History

Our History

The first congregation of the church was started in Scottsboro in 1884 by Dr. Jack Rorex, a dentist who was one of the earlier members of the Stevenson Church of Christ. Dr. Rorex made an appeal through the Gospel Advocate for a minister to come and conduct a gospel meeting. James A. Harding, co-founder of David Lipscomb College, answered the appeal; and in January of 1884, the first service was held. Eight to ten persons were baptized. In the latter part of 1884, J. W. Sheppard, of Kentucky, conducted a second meeting.

In 1886 the first building was erected just off the square on Peachtree Street. James A. Harding was the first minister.

Built in 1886*

In 1950 a new building was erected on the corner of Broad and Charlotte. A minister’s house was constructed adjacent to the building on Broad Street.

Built in 1950 with Adjacent Minister’s House*

In September of 1968, an annex was added. The minister’s house, which was located beside the church building, was moved to the present location at 406 East Charlotte Avenue to make room for the annex (This house was sold in 2002).

After 1968 Annex*

In April of 1979, the renovation of the building was completed.

After 1979 Renovation*

Expansion and improvement to our parking lot and accommodations for handicapped access and parking were part of the 1994 remodeling.

After 1994 Renovation*

Among the ministers who have preached for this congregation include:

  • A. B. Lipscomb
  • W. R. Craig
  • G. L. Mann
  • Jack Wilhelm
  • Lindsay Allen
  • Paul Kidwell, Sr.
  • W. A. Black
  • Charles Cobb
  • Charles Curtis
  • Butch Foster
  • Johnny Mack Young
  • Terry Broome (present minister)

*Photographs are Compliments of the late Leroy Gist

Charlene Cobb compiled the Historic Happenings and Congregational Collections from January 1884 through December 2022 into one shareable document to benefit the members and friends of the Broad Street congregation.

Download the PDF by selecting the image.