Who We Are

The congregation is presently served by four elders who are responsible for the spiritual leadership and spiritual growth of the congregation. Under the direction or these elders, nineteen deacons oversee the following Christian duties: serving the Lord's Supper to those shut-in and hospitalized, caring for the needy, organizing the worship services, organizing fellowship meals, opening and closing the building, maintaining the buildings, operation of the sound system, updating attendance records, providing transportation to worship services, and rendering other tasks as the need arises.


Tommy Bellomy

Pat Russell

No photo availableBrad Wilhelm


Russell "Buzz" Alley

Rick Baird

Jo Reed Brumley

No photo availableDavid Crawford

Joel Gardner

Euyless Holcomb

No photo availableJoe Manning

David Precise

Scott Roberts

Russell Wilhelm

Dave Bagley

No photo availableErnie Brockway

No photo availableMarty Cobb

No photo availableDavid Dover

No photo availableTom Hancock

Roger Kime

No photo availableBill Parks

No photo availableLee Rice

No photo availableWilliam Underwood


Terry Broome
Pulpit Minister

Matthew Moore
Youth Minister